Champion Powerlifter To Bodybuilder

I had been competing in poweliftng on a world class level since 1996 as a teenager. I had just won four gold medals and best heavyweight lifter at the 2010 AAU power lifting world championships in Las Vegas. Soon as I got back up to my hotel room I was a bit lost as I felt, what do I do next? I am 290lbs and strong as I had ever been but not happy with my appearance unless I was in the gym moving heavy iron. I had always been an avid fan of bodybuilding and even buy codeine uk did a show as a teenager and won. But never truly understood proper nutrition and how to contract the muscle and add lean muscle. To maintain the weight of 290lbs I had to eat massive amounts of food with no plan in place.

I ate a lot of food. In fact a couple days of my calories dropping my body weight would drop fast and being a raw and equipped power lifter it didn’t work well for me. I was ready to pursue a passion of making myself a legitimate NPC bodybuilder and gather all the information I could on proper supplementation and nutrition/dieting. I had helped a local NPC bodybuilder prepare for a power lifting competition 6 months prior and we joked if I ever did a show he would diet me down and help me. So for the next five months Shane Reis of Shane Reis Personal training stripped 100 lbs off of me in just under six months.

In that time I had to re-tool my thinking and focus on working the muscle not the weight and spent allot of time on the treadmill am and pm. In that time I had met Chris Genkinger as well, a National level NPC bodybuilder who did some guest posing at a power lifting competition I promoted, and whom I had already been a fan of. I had the privilege to catch several workouts with him and asked a lot of questions. He also introduced me to Prescription Nutrition and their products and opened my eyes to a quality product making me do my own research and realize that the internet bargain shopper I had been on supplements wasn’t the scientific approach I needed to take. So with Shane in place and friends like Chris a phone call or text away along with the support of my Midwest Iron power lifting crew I stripped the weight, changed my mental approach to workouts, and placed 11th in light heavy at the Ottawa NPC Novice Championships.

I came in soft for the show and Shane had done everything he could as far as advice and time. Looking back on it now I should have waited but it gave me a starting point to improve on for my next show since I wasn’t accustomed to taking 2nd place more less losing and not even belonging. The experience only lit more of a fire under me as I was determined to make a complete turn around for my next show. I realized I needed to really step the nutrition up and training intensity. Having been in the Iron game for 15 years I was lucky enough to make several contacts and cant hardly talk about touching a weight without not mentioning Doug Pool who is a Babe Ruth of power lifting in the Area as he was a World Champion in the late 80′s and early 90′s and responsible for me getting involved in the sport along with my Father of’course. He had trained another world champion TC Roesch of Roesch’s Gym about a decade before me and Tc left the Pool’s Gym scene and started his own thing just as I as coming in.

TC is still in the Iron Game and still an active world class dead lifter but also a NPC Bodybuilder and licensed nutritionist and personal trainer. He agreed to diet/mentor me for the next show and completely re-tooling all of my training along with the help of another NPC Bodybuilder John Howard (whom TC had dieted for his show). I focused on a lot of volume squeezing the muscles and contracting and picked up the pace and trained my ass off like never before. I learned more about nutrition and when to take my Prescription Nutrition supplements as far as timing then I had ever learned in 16 years of competition. I ended up walking on stage at a ripped 207lbs as a heavyweight and belonged placing 5th and actually had the honor of standing on the stage with Chris Genkinger. I must say in no way am I at Chris’s Caliber but it was pretty cool to stand on stage next to someone you look up to.

Mentally when I step in the gym I have a completely different mind frame as I think about the body part I am working that night throughout the day and of course I know where I will start for pounds on the bar but my only focus now is working the muscle and tearing the tissue down so I can eat rest grow and do it all over. I spend a good amount of time cooking and prepping my meals as well as this was never even something I would think about as a power lifter. Overall it has made me more organized person all the way around. You cant just say you are a bodybuilder it requires much more time preparation and discipline.

Truly makes you sharper as a person. You have to have your shit together to properly diet down 16 weeks for a show and then continue to live that lifestyle. Definitely want to thank Shane Reis for doing the hard part of stripping a few years of serious over eating off of me, Chris for the support and being cool with me pestering him via text and TC Roesch for showing me proper supplementation and meal planning, training strategy and being a role/model mentally preparing me not only as a bodybuilder but as a person too.and John Howard for the ass kicking workouts. I definitely cannot leave out the Prescription Nutrition supplement as the product has been with me this whole 13 month journey and I appreciate it even more now as the last few weeks of the diet were tough and the taste of PN is second to none!